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Boutonniere Good Verbiage

Urban Earth Design Studios takes a unique approach on this traditional detail.

The Traditional Boutonniere was worn to promote fertility and again, to ward off evil spirits. During the middle ages, Knights would wear a token ribbon, flowers or his lady’s family crest close to their heart when entering battle. Gentlemen’s Boutonnieres (French) or the Button Holes (British) flourished during the Victorian Period as Floriography, The Language of Flowers became so popular.

The Wedding Button Hole is most commonly credited, erroneously, to the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and as we move into the late 19th Century and early 20th Century – Boutonnieres were adopted by American men, creating a finishing touch to their formal attire Hollywood played a major role in promoting the Boutonniere as popular culture emulated Errol Flynn, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra masculine and sophistication.

Contemporary men have adapted this centuries-old tradition by choosing a floral element fro the bride’s bouquet as well as a detail that reflects his own personality. As long as it is stylish, anything goes!

No longer the forgotten element – the Boutonniere style choices are becoming crucial to the overall style of the wedding.

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Photo by Paul Morse

Boutonniere Burgundy Mini Calla Sculpted Jewelers Wire Leaves UE Signature Detail

Seasonal Fall Flower Boutonniere

Boutonniere White Fragrant Mini Gardenia Ostrich Feather Detail

Boutonniere Green Cymbidium Orchid Lily Grass and Gold Harlequin Pattern Jewelers Wire Detail

Galax Leaf Cone Pin On Boutonniere w Orange Dubium & Red Bromeliad Bloom

White Tulip Boutonniere Liriope Hand Sculpted Copper Wire Detail

Safari Sunset Leacadendron Green Cymbidium Orchid Flower Boutonniere Copper Jewelers Wire Accent

Classic Urban Earth Signature Hand Sculpted Boutonniere Burgundy Scabiosa Lace Flower Gold Jeweler's Wire

Sculpted Boutonniere Mini Yellow Daffodils Green Seeded Eucalyptus Gold Jewelers Wire

Boutonniere White Freesia Galax Leaf Coffee Beans Jeweler's Wire Detail

Boutonniere Winter Sunshine Leucadendron & Pod

Boutonniere Peach Spray Roses Lambs Ear Silver Jeweler's Wire Detail

Boutonniere Red Rose Fall Foliage Nandina Rose Hip Berries w vintage red glass pearl pin detail

Hand Sculpted Boutonniere White Pearl Silver Jewelers Detail Rose Coffee Bean

Photos by Roy Guste

Boutonniere Oversized Red Rose Liriope Jewelers Wire Wrap Signature UE Detail

Vintage Urban Earth Sculpted Boutonniere White Hyacinth Blossom Green Seeded Eucalyptus Wheat

Cymbidium Orchid Boutonniere with jewelers wire stem wrap

Classic UE Signature Wedding Jewelers Wire Detail Boutonniere Eucalyptus Pod Coffee Beans

Photos by Mark Eric Photography

Boutonniere Equisetum Sculpted Liriope Hydrangea Blossom

Boutonniere Blue Delphinium Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Hand Sculpted Boutonniere Rudbeckia Pod Thistle Classic UE Gold Jeweler's Wire Detail

Boutonniere Cymbidium Orchid Eucalyptus Signature UE Silver Wire Wrap

Boutonniere Red Rose Lily Grass w Signature UE Copper Jeweler's Wire Wrap

Sculpted Curly Willow Twig Pin On Boutonniere Seeded Eucalyptus Knife Blade Acacia

Boutonniere Burgundy Kangaroo Paw with Black Ti Leaf Wrap

Photos by Mark Eric Photography

Boutonniere Burgundy Scabiosa Lace Flower w Gold Jeweler's Wire Detail

Simple Seasonal Pin On Boutonniere

Jeff Cooke Photography

Hand Sculpted Boutonniere Seeded Eucalyptus White Hydrangea Silver Jewelers Wire Detail

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