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Bold to Subtle, The Bridal Bouquet should be as dramatic as your dress and your personality.

Urban Earth Design Studios collaborates with each Bride to create a Bridal Bouquet she’ll forever remember.

The Traditional Bridal Bouquet in much earlier times was comprised of aromatic garlic, herb and spice bunches to ward off evil spirits. As times progressed flowers began to be introduced into the Bridal Bouquet, edible flowers such as marigolds and dill would be consumed by the Bride, Groom and their Guests for good luck. This was a welcome departure from guests taking pieces from the brides dress as good luck Talismans, but tossing the Bouquet and Garter is a remnant of that earlier tradition.

Victorians used Floriography, the language of flowers, to convey a message of love and this practice migrated into the Bridal Bouquet.

  • Peony – Healing, Happy Life, Happy Marriage
  • Stephanotis – Happiness in Marriage, Desire to Travel, Good Luck
  • Pink Rose – Perfect Happiness, Please Believe Me
  • Tulip – Love, Symbol of the Perfect Lover

Flowers and their meaning can add a source of inspiration and add an emotional and spiritual dimension to the Wedding Ceremony and Reception floral arrangements.

And as always, Wedding Flowers symbolize new life, hope and fertility and are the oldest means to convey love and gratitude.

Find out what your favorite flower symbolizes here.

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Brandy Carrere and Barry Alford on March 23, 2013. Photo by Paul Morse

Rebecca Doyle and Richard Weber wedding on December 7, 2013. Photo by Paul Morse

Photos by Mark Eric Photography

Photos by Chrisman Studios Photography

Photo by CheyAnne Bradfield

Abby Zanone and Jonathan Suquet wedding events on April 18, 2015. Photo by Paul Morse

Jeff Cooke Photography

Photos by Mark Eric Photography

Photos by Mark Eric Photography

Photos by Mark Eric Photography

Photos by Mark Eric Photography

Photos by Paul Morse

Photos by Paul Morse

Photo by Jeff Pounds Photography

Photo by Oscar Rajo Photography

©Studio Tran Photography

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