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copied 2019 Event Design Production & Collaboration Mobile Portfolio Main Urban Earth Design Studios

Circus Theme Corporate Event Design and Production - Gold Mirror Graphics artwork decor rental

Vintage Circus Event Theme Prints Decor and Talent

Corporate Event Vintage Circus Theme Calliope Prop Rental Procurement

Vintage Circus Theme Custom Photo Wall Production and Rental

Martini Madness Retro Mod Custom Event Decor Shag Carpet and Acrylic Polka Dots Wall Panel and Florals

Custom Retro Mod Martini Madness Suspended Mobiles

Cocktail Anyone?

Atomic Event Flower Arrangements & Decor

Corrugated Distressed Tin Metal Bayou / Crab Shack / Swamp Stage & Decor Flats

Spanish Moss Covered Alder Tree Bayou Theme Decor

Living Centerpiece African Mask Alocasia Plant with Mossy Linen

Heirloom Hens & Chics Echeveria Sustainable Event Centerpiece design

Suspended Rustic Metal Sphere Luminary Chandelier

Signature UE Cypress Knee Table Top Votive Decor

Red Bark Twig Votive Partition Back Drop Wall Event Decor Room Divider

Simple Event Centerpiece of Leaves and Votives make for a clean dramatic statement

Another Classic UE Signature Piece - moulded Philadendron Leaf with votives

Buffet Floral Arrangement of Burgundy Anthuriums Yellow Foxtail Lilies Charlie Brown Cymbidium Orchids Nymph Amaryllis and Bronze Flax Leaves

Event Branding and Lighting Design Clear Channel

Vintage 16mm Film Projector projecting Brand LifeStyle and Mood into the event environment

Custom Event Branding Production Celebrating the Life and Art of Warhol

The Walls Have Eyes... event brand mood displayed by vintage 16mm silent projector

Huge Azz Chandeliers and Austrian Draping Stage Backdrop

Austrian Drape Stage Set Back Drop Design & Rental

Vintage Theatre Style Stage Foot Lamp Luminary

Atrium Ivy Architectural Install Oversized 15 foot diam Crystal Chandelier

15 foot diameter Crystal & Ivy Chandelier

VIP Green Room Furniture Beauty Bar Stations Black Leather Sectional Lounge Furniture Rental

Fete Royale Venetian Carnival Theme Event Design & Decor

Votive Candle Event Mood Lighting

Fete Royale Black & White Venetian Ball Carnival

Black and White Venetian Carnival Ball Theme Decor and Statuary

Fete Royale Black White Venetian Carnival Ball Custom Costume Design Mannequin

Black Italian Murano Glass Crystal Chandeliers

Paddle Wheel Themed Custom Steamboat Stacks Event Branding

UE Signature Wetland Bayou Sexy Swamp Woodland Forest Event Theme Botanical Sculpture Centerpieces

Red Dogwood Tree Sculpture with Suspended LED Candles

Blue Bayou Mississippi River Steam Boat Stage Decor Set Rental

River Boat Casino Theme Event

Woodland Swamp Living Eco Friendly Sustainable Arrangement Lady Slipper Orchid

Event Lounge Votive Candle Shelf Tower Decor

Disco Theme Corporate Event Disco Cage Mirror Balls Silver Mylar Balloons

Absolut Welcome Reception party at Mardi Gras World on July 16, 2014, Tails of the Cocktails 2014. Visit http://www.whereyat.com for more photos. #TailsoftheCocktails, #HotelMonteleone #Absolut, #MardigrasWorld #WhereYatNOLA, #WherYat #whereYatMagazine

Absolut Andy Warhol Pop Art Theme Event Custom Prop Branding Graphics and Production

Americana Fourth 4th of July Social Event Flowers

Classic Astro Pop Super Hero Modern Topiary for Americana Theme 4th of July Event

Americana Coastal Fish Fry Buffet Structure

Americana July 4th Table Display Red White Blue detailoftable

Lobster Boil Coastal Theme Event Lobster Buckets Crab Net Vintage Glass Buoy Chandeliers Crawfish Boil Fish Fry Theme Event

Nautical Theme Fish Fry at Client's Private Mississippi Camp Compound

Buffet Table Scape Antique Wood Dough Bowls Wood Sea Gull Statue Tillandsia Red White Checked Table Linens Lobster Boil Event Design Production Rentals

Buffet Lobster Boil Weekend Corporate Event Mississippi Private Client Compound

Absolut bloody bar Tales of the Cocktail New Orleans

Cajun Spirit Bottle Tree Voodoo House of Blues Buffet Arrangements Urban Earth Corporate Event Decor

Custom Buffet Arrangement Flower Tower Wall Urban Earth Floral Design Studio

Simple Succulent Votive Event Centerpiece on CoCoa Fiber Runner

Red Bird Cardinal Floating Candle arrangement House of Blues Nola

Atomic Sputnik Style Buffet CBS Super Bowl New Orleans

Swamp Bayou Spanish Moss Lounge Furniture Florals Votive Candle Chandeliers

Lichen Votive Candle Treatment Swamp Woodland Forest Theme Event

Red Leather Vintage Shoe Shine Booth Furniture Rental Item

Lounge Furniture Groupings and Floor Plans

Red Chromed Hydrangea Sphere Banquet Oversized Focal Arrangement Focal

French Quarter Jazz Hall UE Prop Lookbook Event Design

Jazz French Quarter Red Black Theme Corporate Event Velvet Sofa Leather Chaise Silhouette Tables Musician Silhouettes

Vinyl Album Wall 16' x 20'

Lit Acrylic Bar Tops and Vinyl Album Wall Backdrop

New Orleans Event Design Production & Rentals

Shell New Orleans Jazzfest Entrance Detail Signage and Graphics

Shell VIP New Orleans Jazz Fest Custom VIP Entrance Juke Joint Crab Shack Theme

Custom Prop Production Folk Art Style Jazz Musician Paper Mache Sculpture Developed from Shell's 2006 existing Jazz man Brand Promotional & Marketing - Bringing New Orleans Home Katrina Recovery Efforts

Vintage Style Sign Reproduction & Graphics Corporate Festival Event

Shell New Orleans Jazz Fest VIP Dining Tent Custom Folk Art Inspired Musical Instrument Prop Design Production

Shell is Home Marketing Program Launch Graphics Juke Joint Corrugated Art

Custom Folk Art Style Production of Shell's Jazzman Mascot - Bringing New Orleans Home marketing Program

Outdoor Teak Table Dining Furniture and Umbrella Rental

New Orleans JazzFest Corporate Sponsor Music Festival VIP Lounge Rentals - Outdoor Festival Furniture and Decor Rental

Mardi Gras Indian Entertainment New Orleans Culture Experiential Event

Event Floral Design Mantle Arrangement for Wynn Hotels

Wynn Hotels Rustic Natural Event Lounge Furniture Grouping

UE's Signature Blackened Bayou Stump Tables and Occasional Table Flower Arrangement

Distressed Farm Square Pub Height Table Rental and Flowers in Hammered Silver Bud Vases

Occasional Side Table with Flowers in Mercury Glass Vase

UE Signature Blackened Bayou Side Table

Juke Joint Whiskey Barrel Podium Stage Wood Wall Backdrop Set Design Rental

Vintage Microphone - Wide Selection of Visual Display Props Available for Rent

Musical Instrument Prop Rentals Perfect New Orleans Theme and Culture Experiential Events

Whiskey Barrel Podium Rustic Wood Plank Stage and Backdrop Perfect for Acadiana Culture Juke Joint or Rustic Theme Events

Specialty Curated Cocktails - Devil is in the Details

Event Lounge Furniture Grouping

Natural Nito Vine Event Lounge Furniture - suitable for indoor or outdoor events

Pub Height Farm Tables with Lantern Table Top Luminary Decor Rental

Half Whiskey Barrel Cocktail Table and Brown Leather Shag Rugs - Yes We Have and Do It All

Vintage Chandeliers Lighting and Edison Bulb Rental - UE your One Stop Shop Event Design Production and Rental Company

Distressed Mercury Glass Votive and Hammered Silver Bud Vases

In House Custom Branding Prop Production & Rentals

Custom Graphic Event Branding Design Production & Rentals - UE your one stop shop - flower + furniture + decor + branding + prop rental & procurement

Event Mood and Experience - Entertainment and Decor

Custom Pallet Furniture Build Circus Clown Mache Head Prop Procurement & Rental

Circus Theme Entertainment

Carnival Midway

Vintage Photo Booth Half Moon Backdrop Decor Rental Naked Sofa Jeff Pounds Photography

Rustic Early Industrial Wooden Cantilever Shelves with Candles

Haunting Set Dec for Corporate Event

Yes - We do have and do it all - over 100k sq feet of film prop house props. If we don't have it - we'll find it.

Event Flowers Barnett Room Ace Hotel New Orleans

Event Flowers Barnett Room Ace Hotel New Orleans

Haunting Event Party Staging

Diverse Range of Prop Rentals geared to the wedding event and film industries

Event Florals Barnett Room Ace Hotel New Orleans

White Dahlia Red Kangaroo Paw in Wax Dripped Bottles for Barnett Hall at the Ace Hotel

Assorted Props & Decor

Oyster Shells - Great Regional Decor Element for New Orleans Culture Inspired Event Themes

Sweepy Hollow Driftwood Sculpture Delta Swamp and Coastal Inspired Event Decor

Custom Event Production Rustic Wood Slice Bar & Rental

Tropical Event Floral Design and Table Top Decor - Flowers + Furniture + Decor

Event Greenery Furniture Decor & Prop Rental

Natural Event Decor Alder Tree Logs Farm table Horn Chandelier

Custom Event Prop Production - Over-sized Magnolia Tree

Event Lounge Rentals with Custom Branding & Graphics - Distressed Dark Elm Sectional Grey Leather Shag Rugs Cloud Ceramic Tables and White Acrylic Bar

Planstcape & Polyresin Cocktail Fountain in the Garden of Good and Evil

Trees and Planstcape Midsommer Night's Dream theme

White Acrylic Modular Bars with Custom Branding & Graphics

Black Leather Sectional Silhouette Tables Brown Leather Shag Rug Lounge Furniture Grouping

Custom Brand Graphic Stage Backdrop

Mirrored King Parsons Tables

1970's Retro Inspired Wire Tree Sculpture for Highboy Tables

Custom PVC Tree Sculpture Event Decor

Digital Mapped Mural and Black African Mask Alocacia Leaves in Chrome Hobnail Vase

CBS Super Bowl Party Urban Earth Studios Design Decor Furnishings Nola

CBS Super Bowl Party Urban Earth Studios Design Decor Furnishings Nola

CBS Super Bowl Event Table Top Decor

Crawfish Boil Corporate Event Bistro Festoon Lighting

Retro Lava Lounge Submerged Pin Cushion Protea Event Flower Arrangement

Retro Lava Lounge Submerged Pin Cushion Protea Event Flower Arrangement on Light Bases

Simple Floating Candle Corporate Event Centerpiece

Wood Slat Bar and Edison Bulb Beam Chandelier

Wood Slat Bar and Cube Back Bar and Wood Beam Chandelier

Event Round Wood Chandelier and Greenery

East Meets South Featured Cover Floral Design for New Orleans Homes & Lifestyle Magazine

Floral Design and Themed Table Decor Presentation

Oversized Event Focal Curly Willow Tree Floral Sculpture Yellow Dancing Doll Oncidium Orchids Gold Fruit in Urn

Flower Luminary Event Arrangement Decor Pub Height Table

Eastern Influence Floral Design Copper Panel Mantle Flower Arrangement

Custom Bamboo Cocktail Glasses

Luau Bamboo Entrance with Chinese Lanterns

Palm Pod Nito Vine Pendent Chandeliers

Luau Theme Bamboo Buffet Structure + Bar Fire Ball Chandeliers

Luau Fire & Water Floating Orchid Luminary Table Centerpiece

Fire Dancers - Live Entertainment for Luau Theme Event

Event Theme Luau Hula Dancers Live Talent Grass Backdrop and Prop Decor

Luau Tropical Buffet Florals Decor

Luau Event Landscape Lighting Design

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Festoon Lighting Pennants Decor

Fiesta Decor Festa Paper Flower Centerpieces

Fiesta Entrance with Colorful Paper Flowers

Fiesta Paper Flowers in Colorful Glass Bottles

Cinco de Mayo Event

Suspended Fiesta Decor

Olmeca Altos Fiesta Decor at Il Mercato

Olmeca Altos Fiesta

Corporate Event VIP Cosmo Lounge Graphic Production

Olmeca Altos Custom Fruit Market Stand Canopy Bars Tales Cocktail New Orleans

Pallet Event Furniture Sectional Rental

Magnolia Ball Event Entrance Arch

Paper Magnolia Flower Centerpiece Ogden Museum Magnolia Ball

New Orleans Pirate Theme Event Table Top Decor

Rush Refuse Product and Brand Graphics Production and Installation

Event Lounge Furniture Rentals

Custom Luminary Branding Floating Candle Highboy Centerpiece

Ice bar with Client Branding

Motown / Funk Brothers / Chaka Khan VIP Lounge Ice Shot Bar Municipal Auditorium

Ogden Museum Logo Mobile

Winter Wonderland Theme Event Luminary Event Decor Ice Tree Canopy Botanical Sculpture with Suspended Votive Candles

Winter Wonderland Theme Event Luminary Event Decor Ice Conical Tree Botanical Sculpture with Suspended Votive Candles

Winter Wonderland Theme Floral Design Dining Table Scape

Simple Event High Boy Flower Arrangements

Winter Wonder Land Event Flower Tablescape

Winter Wonderland Theme Table Flowers - Mounding Blue Hydrangea and White Tulips and Crystal Ice Garlands

Lifetime Television Flying Tigres Re-Branding Launch Party Graphic Window Wrap

Courier and Ives Winter Wonderland Park Theme Trees Votive Candles Lanterns Ice Rink

LifeTime Television Center Room Focal Custom Round Bar and DJ Booth

Blue Delphinium Water Fall Wave River Table Centerpieces Flowing from One Table Elevation to Another

Red Dogwood Suspended Bottle Tree Canopies

Elevated DJ Booth and Bar Event Venue Central Focal

Motown Funk Bros Chaka Khan SAP Technology Conference Series Stage Set

AOL Top Chef - Floral Votive Spirit Bottle Tree canopy CAC

Rush Refuse Branding Graphic Wrap - Jaxson Brewery Stairs

Rush Refuse Branding Graphic Wrap - Jaxson Brewery Stairs part 1

Rush Refuse Branding Graphic Wrap - Jaxson Brewery Stairs part 2

Alice in Wonderland Event Theme Entrance - Yes we have cowhide rugs too. Flowers + Furniture + Decor and yes - so so much more...

Alice in Wonderland Theme Event - Custom Painted books, white and black temp wall wrap and paper butterflies

Alice in Wonderland Event Flowers Lounge Furniture and Decor Rental

Red Rose Pave Event Flowers & Glass Cylinder Vases with Pillar Candles Black & White Event Linens

W French Quarter Hotel Black Red White Holiday Courtyard Party Event Flower Design Studio

Red Black Corporate Event Flowers Furniture Decor & So Much More

Red Black Sultry Winter Wonderland Ice Crystals Urban Earth Holiday Installation Red Apples Roses Silver Branches Crystal Strands event flower studio floral design

Night at the Oscars Event Theme Decor and Graphics

Oscar Theme Event Statue Award Film Roll Decor Centerpiece with votives

Oscar Theme Event Votive Film Strip Centerpiece

Its Tippy Hedrone and The Birds Receiving Their Award in Person

Oscar Party Event Elizabeth Taylor Shirley Temple Daddy Warbucks

Oscar Awards Party Michael Jackson Old Hollywood Has Been Tart

Custom Graphics Jumpman House of 23 Nike Air Jordan Product Launch Production & Installation

UE Proposed Brand Graphic Wall Paper Covering of Non-Original Architectural Elements Board Of Trade Transformation

Nike House of 23 Custom Graphics Production Backdrop - Stage Elevation View

Nike Air Jordan 23 Product Launch Corporate Event Celebrating Michael Jordan's Birthday

Nike NBA VIP Lounge Suite

Over-sized Central Focal Flower Arrangement White Hydrangea Black Lacquer Philodendron Leaves

New Orleans Board of Trade Rotund Venue Transformation

Multiple Black Italian Murano Crystal Chandeliers 3ft - 5 ft diam Suspended from 5 Story Rotund at Board of Trade

New Orleans Board of Trade Courtyard Lighting Design and Decor NBA Event - Nike Product Launch

UE Designed Custom Logo & Luminary Nike NBA Event

Urban Earth Complete Event Conceptual Design & Production - Flowers, Furniture, Chandelier & Decor Rental, Custom Graphic Brand Wall Covering over Non-Original Architectural Details & Lighting, Rigging, Drape Design and Vendor Management

Custom Nike House of Jordan Topiary Urban Earth Custom Prop Rental New Orleans

UE Custom Designed Event Logo Branding for Luminary and 8ft Tall Topiary Entrance Panel Inserts In Existing Entrance Architectural Half Rounds

Nike Air Jordan Product Launch Michael Jordan's Birthday Bash - Urban Earth Event Design, Production, Graphic Branding & Installation, Floral Design, Furniture & Decor Rentals

UE Event Complete Conceptual Design & Production - Rendering New Orleans Board of Trade Venue Transformation

VIP Lounge Suites Entrance Custom Wallpaper Graphics Draping

UE Event Design Stage Wall & DJ Booth Elevation Rendering Nike NBA VIP Party

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