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Common Tales of a DIY Wedding

When I look at the plethora of DIY wedding ideas the first thing that pops in my head is WOW these girls and guys are talented. Many of these blog ideas seem like staged photo shoots in my opinion.

The photos posted here are actually DIY projects captured from Pinterest.

I totally get how attractive it would be to invest some hard work and valuable time to reduce the cost of the wedding ceremony and reception, but really…… Unless your crafty like Martha Stewart, know how to sew, and have worked with flowers to some degree – beware of how much you to take on. And even if you have all these wonderful skills -give yourself plenty of time and experiment. Don’t think that the first version of anything you make is going to be presentable – practice make perfect.

If you decided to take the plunge there are many details you may not know  until you’re committed. Many venues have time constraints, you may only have a limited amount of time to decorate (install) and to take all that décor down (strike).  We’ve seen this a short as an hour prior to the event – remember there might be a ceremony or reception right before or after yours.

Something else to consider,  who’s going to do this decorating for you and will their skills match your vision? All your hard work and someone hangs it upside down. Ugh…. Other details may only divulge themselves as the planning is far into the game or the day of – as venues may not allow you to use open flames, this means candles must be in glass and many times scattering rose petals along the aisle is a big no-no as it can stain the floor or sidewalks. The list can go on and on.

When you look back at you wedding photo album do you really want the memories to be about all those bows you tied or about the all those precious moments with your family and friends.

A Common Tale of a DIY Wedding.

“Now that I look back, I see how the seed was planted: Pinterest, The Knot, and hundreds of articles I sought out that only show the good (and never the ugly) sides of DIY. 

About a week before the wedding, I was pretty unsuccessfully slicing our ceremony programs with the paper cutter at work. I frantically texted my bridesmaid to ask if I should quickly order a bushel of dried lavender to glue a sprig on each program, and make them look better… because right now they looked pretty busted. After my failure to construct a ribbon curtain for our outdoor ceremony, I stopped on the way to our venue at a garden center for some potted plants. My confused fiancé asked me why we needed them, to which I responded, completely in zombie bride mode, “My ribbon curtain failed. We have no ceremony decorations! You have to have those!” Later, during the ceremony, I remember seeing the $40 potted plants I fought so hard for, tipping over in the front of the lawn where we got married. 

When planning a wedding (in regard to my own and while helping friends), there is the inevitable feeling that your list will never end. And it’s not only your things-to-do list, but also your shopping list. Personal touches and ways to impress your guests….. Once you’ve bought into the idea that someone else managed to make their wedding “that cute” with little money and “little effort,” a modern-day pressure to craft grows into an obsession…
This was how my wedding planning snowballed for me. It wasn’t until I was spray-painting 150 small hand-stamped tambourines with glitter paint that I asked myself, “What am I doing?” Here I am with the wind blowing glitter paint all over my apartment door (it’s still sparkly) two weeks before my wedding. I’m making inside joke wedding favors that most people will not even take home and buying tons of in-cohesive homemade dollar store props. And with each addition of things, I never felt that complete feeling I was searching for. But to all those planning now, remember…. There are plenty of other logistical tasks to throw your energy into that will require most of your time, including caring about your relationship and your guests, the whole reason you’re planning all this in the first place.
Even after the wedding was over, I still stress looking through the pictures… ” What an Awful Nightmare and Experience….. this is the all too common experience for many DIY Couples and the Reason you should Collaborate with Professional Wedding Event Partners, rather than trying to take on the daunting task of trying to do everything yourself for your own wedding. 


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